Monday, March 8, 2010

What works for me

Well, now that I'm on my last baby, I have found some great products that I wish I would've had all along!

1. A MUST- the Belly Bandit

What it does: cinches your post baby belly in
Why I love it: not only did it help my belly go down (not that it's a miracle worker, but it helped a lot), but I felt so supported that I was up doing what needed to be done and felt wonderful! I wish I had found this one sooner!

2. Baby K'tan
What it does: awesome baby carrier that supports the baby like the womb and is super comfortable and supportive for mom. Hands are free and back isn't sore and baby is happy! Doesn't he look blissful!

3. Gumdrop pacifier

Cutest pacifier that was given to us in the NICU. You have to order them online, but they are similar to the "soothie", but doesn't cover up half of their face. And they have these too cute "cuddle squares" that you can attach to the pacifier that are soft and cuddly. I'll have to upload a better pic, but you can see it laying next to Truett.

more to come!


Tali said...

Hi! My name is Tali and I work for Baby K'tan! We stumbled upon your post and loved what you had to say about the K'tan!

I was wondering if it would be ok for us to quote you and use your picture on our website/facebook page?

Please let me know! You can email me at


Mike and Carly said...

I should try the belly bandit next time, I could use a boost on the belly area! Oh and I have a gumdrop pacifier and I love them!