Saturday, March 13, 2010

Got a great new gadget!

I despise shaving and I started! So I decided to buy an at home laser hair removal system. I chose the Silk'n SenEpil because:
1. It got great reviews
2. It has a larger head for quicker use
3. You can plug it to the wall for unlimited use (no charging necessary) as opposed to others I looked at that had to be charged and only lasted as long as the charge.
4. Cost! At roughly $500 (+the cost of cartridges), it is so much cheaper than going to a professional (which can cost upwards of $2000-$3000)
5. You can do it in on your own time!

The only drawback: having to buy extra $50 cartridges. A cartridge is good for 750 pulses.

Skin does have to meet criteria: the lighter the batter. NO recent sun exposure!
Hair too: the darker the better

SO I was so excited to receive it! And the first session went easier and quicker than I thought it would. It only took 45 minutes to laser my underarms, arms, and full legs (including bikini).

And pain level: none, although I did start out on the lowest power setting as suggested. Just a warm slightly tingling sensation. On thicker hairs, that sensation was slightly stronger.

I ordered it from Sephora, which is great because they give you all kinds of samples for beauty products!

Results: Can't tell yet. It does take several sessions to see full results. So we shall see. I hope to be done before summer because it is not advised to use this on sun exposed skin do to risk of burns.

I'll keep posting about this amazing little gadget!


Amanda said...

I can't wait to hear how it works! Keep me posted! Hope all is well!

Samantha Cummings said...

Can you email me? You won a prize from 2 Lil Muffins and I don't have your email address!!!

Lauren Marsh said...

I will keep you posted... I hope it works!

Mike and Carly said...

How exciting! I want to know how it works for you! I know that you've always had a hard time with your legs so if it works for you then it probably would for me too! Exciting!

Mac said...

This looks awesome. I've seen another one out there too. I hope it works. BTW - you mentioned on PURPLEPINKANDORANGE.COM that you liked my Etsy shop. Let me know if you're still interested in the Bunny Bot ringer. It's on sale for $20. Nice blog!

Mac said...

Sorry, forgot to mention the name of the shop!