Friday, June 11, 2010

Lili's Last Day of School

Lili-Grace had a great first grade year! She had a wonderful teacher. I cannot believe that she will be in 2nd grade next year! It is bittersweet. I love to watch her grow, but it truly goes too fast and I find myself missing her younger years too. I have been needing and meaning to get rid of her little clothes, but I keep hanging on to them... I just can't bring myself to part with all of them.
We also love Mrs. Phillips, Lili-Grace's principal. She is a special lady who definitely found her calling. We are truly blessed to have such a great school for our kids.
This was the gift we made for Mrs. Young. I got the idea out of Family Fun Magazine. Inside the little flower envelopes are giftcards to various places.

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Mike and Carly said...

2nd grade... I can't believe it. Babies really do grow up so fast. So you know if you need someone to give your clothes to... I'm just sayin...