Friday, June 11, 2010

Big Boys

Truett is now 4 1/2 months old and loves sitting in his bumbo seat. He is cooing and laughing and trying to sit up, though he still isn't crazy about rolling over! He likes to sit in his little seat while I cook dinner and wash dishes, etc. He is happy as long as he can see somebody and does not like to lay down. He doesn't nap a whole lot, especially for a 4 month old. Though I can't complain b/c he does sleep through the night. He is a smiley little baby and as my cousin said "he smiles with his hole body!)

Weston the Messton(LOL)is sweet and a little booger. He is the one that will always tell me he
loves me then turns around and slaps me or says I am mean (that line he learned from his sissy ;). He completed his very first year of preschool, though it nearly broke my heart to send him. He used to cry everyday, but in the end he really enjoyed school. He loved his teachers too. I hope that he will learn to swim this summer (he is a fearless boy who makes me nervous at the pool, even with his float). He will be 3 in August... my how time flies!

Cousin Anna came to hang out and help me take all the kids to the Botanical Gardens (Max, Lili, Ty, Weston and Truett). She is such a big help! And just look at the special things (pig faces) she teaches the kids:) LOL! JK, she really is a great helper and a sweet "young lady". The kids just loved having her around! I told her she should just move in:)

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Mike and Carly said...

Anna is beautiful! I love the pig faces!