Monday, April 19, 2010

Spider Bite... EEK!

So the hubs starts getting sick on Friday and then Saturday morning there was a mysterious bump. After some internet research, we concluded it was a brown recluse spider bite... yuck! So I continued to research for a concoction to stop the venom as it was the weekend and the Terry wasn't to into going to the walk in clinic or hospital(go figure!). This is what I came up with after my "research":

Activated charcoal ( a staple, it to adsorbs things)
baking soda (dunno why, but that's what it said)
tea tree oil
lavender oil (both oils are antibiotic, antiviral and antimicrobial to prevent infection)
Unpetroleum jelly (or vaseline/vaseline alt for a base)

Lay it on thick and change out every couple of hours. I also read that basil oil worked well to!

After applying this, the sore seemed to stop growing. He went to the doctor today (Monday), the doctor said that what we did really helped. It was starting to get into his blood stream (he was getting a rash as well). This stopped that spread and also made a scab form, which is apparently what they want to see happen! Would you believe that my husband found the dead spider under his desk at work this morning ( I was so relieved b/c I was worried about the kids but I hadn't seen any BR around our house).

So, I hope that this can help someone! I would imagine that it could work with many different bug bites, especially venomous. Hopefully you'll never have to use this, but just in case, it really worked.....


Mike and Carly said...

Scary! I HATE spiders and whenever I see them around I totally freak out that they are going to bite my kids. At least now I have a cure if they do... but you know I would be rushing them to urgent care :)

Jennifer said...

I enjoyed talking to you so much the other day at *Nestle*...:) I could talk about that all day, so anytime you want to or have any questions, let me know:) It is my passion!!! So glad we talked!