Sunday, January 6, 2008

New Year, New Endeavors!

Happy New Year to all. Last year flew by so quickly though it brought alot of change...sold our house and best of all had a sweet baby boy.
I have bought a camera and I am practicing. I hope that soon I can begin a photography business. I think it will be a good fit for me. Here are some of my first tries, we will see how I progress!! Wish me luck. I am very excited. If anybody would like me to use them as a guinea big for practicing let me know!!!:)
Terry is in the final phases of getting our home ready and it should be done by the end of the month. Way to go Babe!
Lili-Grace is enjoying all of her new Christmas loot. She enjoys her scooter that SAnta brought. She rides it around and around the house. I am glad she can expend some of that energy, because it sure is abundant!!
Weston was sick last week with RSV:( But luckily it was a mild case and he is back to his normal happy self again (thank goodness). He also got his very first baby cereal. He is not so excited about it!! Most of it was spit out!!!


Lacey Freeman said...

way good pictures. i really want to do photography too, but i really want to teach also. so, i've decided that i am going to teach and slowly start photography as a hobby! i would say that me, x and chase would love to be your guinea pigs, but we arent close, so when we are in town we will let you know! ;) weston is such a doll. i think he looks a lot like terri. do you have a certain kind of photo editing software? what kind of camera did you get?

Lacey Freeman said...

oh and with the whole cereal thing...i can remember chase doing the same exact thing so it only takes time! (although, i'm sure you probably already know that)

The Hess' said...

Oh wow! Those look really great! Hey, if I had a cute baby i'd let u use him/her as a guinea pig lol.

Beth said...

You can use Addie! Those are really good pictures! I love it!

Mike and Carly said...

Wow Lauren this is exciting! Your pictures are amazing and I am so excited about your house! Next time I come you will be in it! WOW!